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Our services include:

Reports for litigation purposes

Expert witness reports for Civil and Criminal cases

Forensic reports - detailed and thorough investigation of chattels

Inventories and detailed insurance valuations prepared

Family division - valuations of a sensitive nature of jointly owned possessions

Reports for damaged items with advice on restoration

Royal Institute of Chartered Arts and Antiques Surveyors

Drummond Read was established in 1992 and they have developed into one of the UK’s leading specialists in the preparation of legal reports concerning antiques, fine art and jewellery. Their work is recognised internationally in various sectors including the legal profession and government agencies as well as by the insurance industry and private clients. They have become particularly recognised where legal reports and valuations are required concerning items that have been stolen, lost, damaged and more specifically for the legal profession where fraud or forensic aspects are concerned.

Clients include Solicitors, Police Customs and Excise, Trading Standards and are recognised for both their experience and understanding of the legal requirements within specific cases.

The specialist nature of their work has lead to complex valuations and those where their expertise is required being referred from the leading auction rooms both in the UK and overseas.